On A Drive With Life!!

On A Drive With Life!!
On A Drive With Life!!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Love : A Highly Discussed Topic!

Love : A Highly Discussed Topic!

Hello guys, I hope all of you are rocking as ever.
The topic I chose again, because that is something
discussed and felt most prominently than the others!

What is love?A question I have portrayed and answered
prominently and frequently in my up coming book.
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Now Lemme answer!!
Is it an emotions...A Feeling...A experience...
Or just and another name of satiating our needs..

Well to very honest, all can be summed up into one
and the result is love. But before I move forward,
I wanna add for sure that love is not exactly
between a girl and a boy!We have most often heard
terms like, motherly love, brotherly love, fatherly love,
friendly love and you can go on. Love is in the air
buddies, you just need to broaden your perspective.
The feeling when you're loved and cared is the best.
So my first suggestion to all of you is to stop looking
for it at only one place. We all have been gifted with
love in one form or another. Look at the right place
and you'll be rejuvenated to a new height! Take this
chance, take this moment and recall all who love you
at present, be it anyone. Take this opportunity and call
them, talk to them and feel better than before.

Now you may ask again... Why haven't I explained what love
is or discussed anything about it. Dear friends, I repeat again
Love is broader than your percieve. You will take ages to decipher
the codes of love. But one thing I must say, if you've really read
my blog with an open mind and heed to what I say and have stirred up
your emotions, then...The feeling, the emotion, the experience or
 the need to get in touch with your loved ones right now,
is what love actually is...Enjoy the moment!!

Time for the Punch Line ;)

Love is not walking,talking,hugging,kissing
or something you feel at the moment. It is anything
that evinces respect,care,concern,trust and compromise!

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