On A Drive With Life!!

On A Drive With Life!!
On A Drive With Life!!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013



Wow! The topic is gonna gain some attention here.
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Isn't that something we all good people undergo at some point in our lives.
An emotion very less felt but when incinerated, turns out to be a swirling
inferno. Our hearts screams for forgiveness or guilt.
Yes!! Regret and guilt are two different aspects of our lives.
We regret and the outcome is guilt. When in guilt, believe me pals,
You're gonna do mistakes that you have never ever done before.

You may think about the incident, layer by layer and may imagine things that you might not have even done.
You may even try to decipher the emotions of others, like, what they might have thought,
Or you have made a fool of yourself, or they would be laughing out at you…etc etc…
Or you may be overwhelmed with emotions to a level, like when it happens in break ups,
Exams(for studying less), or hurting your closed ones…You may think and think,
blaming yourself for even the slightest of non-existent mistake!
And then you even forget that actually what you are!
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C'mmon man, the fact you even think about such things signifies you're good at heart.
And that you mean't nothing bad. The point here I want to stress is that
you cannot change the basic ingredient of a person. What you did at that point of time
was the best at that circumstance and mindset. Now if you're blaming your mindset
then know this, the purity of heart weighs above all others!

You're heart will find the solution. Just give some time, or sort it out...
But for the moment, just chillax, and watch the beauty known as life!!

Now a punch line as usual!!

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Example: You slapped a young beggar!OMG you're such a monster(That's what fools
say)...But when you follow the above line, you'll drill down to know why it
happened...Like the beggar tried robbing him and he slapped in self defence...



  1. OMG.... Amazing thought Ankit.... we hav always thoght the d way u hav mentioned here.. but never, thot dat it can be presented dis way...
    well written ma dear friend... :)