On A Drive With Life!!

On A Drive With Life!!
On A Drive With Life!!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Depression: Cured!


Well, an emotion, most torturing and indeed have also been considered a disease.
But it is not incurable and being in the state is not at all embarrassing.

Believe me when I say this: A person who is not emotionally affected or has never experienced depression once in his life, is not a genuine person. Depression helps you understand yourself. When
you overcome it, your stronger than before. But the problem arises when one is too deep into it.
He is over thinking and depriving himself from positive thoughts.


Yes when you have lost your will to survive and stamped the emotion as the end of your world, you become helpless and you fall prey to depression. The problem deepens when you fail to heed to other's advise, assuming they can't feel what you're feeling now. But drill down your heart a bit. You're in the situation!! And those who care for you, can see you clearly, because they are out of the situation. The same I have tried to portray through my upcoming book

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Follow, what I am advising you. I have been there, we all have been there but we all had our own ways by which we had tackled those gruesome situations.I am giving you a mantra which hopefully you will find useful!

1.Remember everything comes to an end, and you evolve to become someone better.
2.Look for those who love you and never leave them. Getting loved is the best emotion you can have.
3.Go out and enjoy even though you do not like it. Believe me you will slowly have more to enjoy.
4.Don't judge or take important decisions. Remember you are in panic state.
5.People always like those who are charming and happening. A depressed and gloomy face is not so
attractive. Have a smile with a confident look even though you don't feel like.
Believe me, it will do wonders!
6.When you get overwhelmed with emotions, cry, but don't panic. There's nothing wrong in crying.
After a while your brain will demand rest. Thereafter control yourself and think over it, instead
of pitying yourself.

Later you will realize, it was just a phase and part of your life, but not your
entire life!

God Bless you :)

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  1. Very true A.K.
    Definitely each n every individual has experienced this.. :) :)