On A Drive With Life!!

On A Drive With Life!!
On A Drive With Life!!

Sunday, 15 December 2013



Hi friends, I humbly apologize for the long absence. But I am back with a bang! ;)

Hope you all had a wonderful time, because I obviously did by passionately enjoying
my days.

The topic here I have chosen, was to be honest suggested to me by a friend.

Well, I will stop there and move on with accentuating on the essence of this wonderful word that has
such a significant meaning in our lives.

Passion is that driving force, the impetus that boosts your energy exponentially in any task.
And when you indulge ourselves to live that passion, you fly high beyond the constraints of the
external world. You're in love with whatever you do. You cherish every moment of your lives intensely.

WHOOOOOOOO!!You're in a different world. But the sad part is that a select few are lucky enough to live and relive their passion while the others get stuck in the twiddling web of worldly responsibilities.

Isn't that strange, that if each and every one of us had
lived our passion, this world would have been a different
and better place. Indeed we have lost numerous
talents in the process.

But stop again, have I been forgetting something.
Yup I am! With every pros there comes a flaw, and the
word can be so misleading at certain times.

When we are passionate about something, we fuel ourselves
high and give out best with utmost dedication.
Harmoniously passionate people can engage in work in an intense way,
which they self-report as “concentration.” And then they
dissociate from the reality. They consider them to be the most
hard working person around. Is it not self obsession?
Surely it is! There is a sharp line between obsession and passion
which may drive you away from reality.

You become obsessed with something the moment you're not in
control of time and emotions. Your passion smothers your
conscience and for you, it becomes more than your family
and life. A failure then blocks your mind frame and you
may fall in the cockpit of depression.

Always remember, passion only needs your time and dedication
and that time could be of any amount that assuage your
hearts. But never forget that the moment you raise the level of
getting satisfied, you will require more time and dedication,
and then you cross that sharp line into the realms of obsession.

Others may cry of not living their passions because of the
responsibilities. But is it really so? Has the time passed
so much that you cannot take risks or even dedicate
an hour from your daily lives?

The same I have tried to convey through my upcoming book On A Drive With Life!!(Click Here)

Again, passion may not be something that is always useful
in your day to day living, until you choose it to under self-control.
You may be passionate about dancing that may also earn you bread and butter,
but what if your passionate about wearing new clothes. Well it may not sound feasible to survive
only on your passion, but one can think hard and link their passion
with their jobs. For example, a branded cloth shop!

I hope the discussion here may help you. Because Whatever I said was a reminded for you
to introspect hard!
I will now like to summarize the above in a sentence:

Be Passionate But Be Yourselves!!

And now for the punch line as usual :D

!!The time is always right to do what is right!!

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