On A Drive With Life!!

On A Drive With Life!!
On A Drive With Life!!

Sunday, 29 December 2013



Now that rings a bell...
Isn't that true that no matter how small or big the level is,
you all are either frustrated or trying to suppress it with an aim to overcome it.

To start with, I won't go into depth initially. Rather I would give an end
to end idea of what exactly this miraculous word, "Frustration" is.

Soon you will realize that it can never be overcome, rather it could be allayed.
Make it your friend and life will be simpler!
First comes a thought or an initiation from anyone or from any circumstance--->Then comes deep thinking,
the time when you start thinking over it--->Then comes observance about the present and future
which generally includes comparison with others--->Then comes introspection
that are you really happy or is this the end of the road---->and then comes Frustration!!

Isn't the word so illusive or you consider it so tormenting, that what you perceive
after reading the above is still on the darker side.
Well, to be precise or to make it less negative, I must begin with a simpler explanations.

Frustration has its root in urge. Like an urge to achieve something, or do something.
That means, it is the impetus that drives you into an itinerary that eventually
assuage our hearts by providing you motivation.

I haven't gone so far but you can notice that the word is already sounding positive enough.
I mean Frustration and Motivation! Isn't that great!
Now allow my words ripen your thoughts and let your brains unravel to absorb
the new essence of the word Frustration!!


Unfortunately the brain is not like a good bottle of wine that gets
better with age by sitting in a cool dark room. It needs constant
pressure to grow, develop, and even maintain skills over time.
Our brain and central nervous system hunger for Frustration.
The gaining of new knowledge, a desire to experience and understand
love, and the ability to master a new skill are the things that makes
our nerve cells buzz with excitement.

Now it's up to you how you take this excitement. Either as a dose that
overwhelms you and force you into the cauldrom of depression or as an emotion
you can use to drive yourself incessantly towards the golden light of satisfaction.

Frustration is like any other emotion with its own pros and cons.
Isn't it time that we think beyond what we have been told or experienced.
And use everything in a way that can make us better and better, always!

A good question to ask yourself is how you'll handle frustration.
Do you see it as a challenge to overcome, and an opportunity for growth?
Or do you yell and scream and hope someone comes for your rescue?

If you can't find the answers, I will provide you the direction.

Feel the struggle for all it’s worth, and find a new way to overcome it.
You will gain confidence, and those nerve cells might even start buzzing
with excitement again to face the next challenge that comes your way.

May all your frustration plough your heart with seeds of success and happiness!


To be the man...You got to beat the man!! And this time your opponent is you... It high time you beat yourself  and overcome your emotions...Happiness and satisfaction will then be your comrades :)

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