On A Drive With Life!!

On A Drive With Life!!
On A Drive With Life!!

Monday, 24 March 2014

"Understanding" Emotions of The Opposite Gender

"Understanding" Emotions of The Opposite Gender

I am quite sure that the word itself flushes your face with fervor. Obviously, your brains would be tuning your
heart with the emotions of today or past. But be well assured my friends, as usual my aim is to
help you sustain the beauty of everything that matters to you, and not to take you in flashbacks.
Driver of their own lives, lend me some moments from your lives and believe me, by the time you have finished reading the passage, your perception would have changed!

To all the men, you might not know this. Ego, well that plays well with you. Complimented on smiles, ethics, style etc etc etc boosts the feeling and it keeps him going smooth. The feeling to get respected,
admired and wanted is what glues him to any relationship. Advise to women: Don't cater your self-respect, but a perfect balance between love and admiration works wonders!

Well it may sound odd to many, but women don't want attention(Except the initial
phase though ;) )...Rather they want the appreciation in every small things
they put in a relationship.

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Just clear down your brain lanes and know this: Psychologically, women
accentuates on every small and good things in their relationships.
Like a letter in a box, a chocolate given unexpectedly,care and the list
may go on. But again, as they say, the good may be worst when implemented
on the darker side. They will count even small and most infinitesimal of your
mistakes. This may include behaving in a manner she doesn't expect you
to be. Not appreciating on something she would have expected you to be.

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Well men, let the grin on your face not widen much because your jaws may drop
open. Men may ignore small things and instead of counting them as a whole,
an incident that may impact him can provoke him behave in a catastrophic manner.
He may count on your bigger mistakes, which obviously includes not letting him
feel admired. Jealousy may also count into this. Similarly, a larger
good done to him that may boost him up, is sonorous in his mind throughout.

Friends, I know these are just the basics, or may be I am wrong!
But hope if empathized correctly, it can do wonders ;)

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your life first!

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