On A Drive With Life!!

On A Drive With Life!!
On A Drive With Life!!

Thursday, 6 March 2014



Well I know the topic is absorbing but feel your
nerves that play a like a guitar whenever the
word comes across you.

The experience on the other hand is so enthralling
that everything in the world seems more or like satellites
around it. The sun seems blue, the sky red,
the flowers so beautiful and the birds like angels of

You feel the significance of sacrifice, moments,
smile and happiness even though nobody ever told you so.
Doesn't that inspire awe, admiration or even let us wonder
how everything changes soon.

Well I am not here to ruin this sacred pilgrimage of the divine.
Rather I will choose to glorify it so that it sustain the slaps
of life and at the same time survive to it, sound and healthy!

My friends, lend me you ears and I will feed in the golden words.
The same I have tried to portray through my upcoming book
On A Drive With Life!!(Click Here) or (Click Here).

"Spend quality time and not Quantity of time!"

A few relationships count hours and days they spent together.
Remember, it is the quality of time that will give you memories
while the latter will only give you a habit.

"Love is life, but not the center of the Universe."

The moment you start giving everything you have, including
your thoughts, efforts and time completely engrossed in to it,
you cut the fragile bond with reality. You lose your connection
with friends, hobbies and the willingness to live. So usually when
break ups happen, you feel like dying!

"One who cares less controls the relationship."

Now don't take me wrong. I am not talking about ego or anything like
that. What I wish to convey is; When you start waiting for someone's call,
give importance to what the other person may think of you or excruciate
yourself because the other person ignored you. Believe me my friends, the relationship
will soon land in the cockpit of expectations, fights and distance. The other
person who cared a bit less and gave time to his/her life, unintentionally
controlled your relationship.

"Give space, pursue your hobbies, have a life beyond it and be charming, ambitious
and sane, because that is what every other person,be it anyone desires :)"


Move on, It's just a chapter in your life! Don't close the book, just turn the page ;)

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