On A Drive With Life!!

On A Drive With Life!!
On A Drive With Life!!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Love Revisited

Well, there are varied definitions of love. I have thought and I have written. It has taken months and I still wonder what can rightly justify this mesmerizing word : "LOVE".

The more I thought, the more I was unable to decipher its shrouded mysteries that lie beneath the curtain of emotions. Yes, you heard it right; the curtain of colorful emotions that enchants us enough, that we never ever venture to remove that curtain.

We have emotions that we feel in our own ways but yet we cannot define it. Some call it the most powerful feeling. Some experience the power of love when they are separated, some attach it with joy in someone else's presence, some as habit of talking or sharing thoughts and moments, while some may call it a sacrifice. But this is not the end. People are prone to attach much more to love than we can even think of. So I decided to turn around and close that unending drilling down process known as "Mission Decoding Love".
Well then you may ask me, why am I writing this blog...Am I mad??!!

Well then all writers are mad :).

As you might have known by now that my concern through On A Drive With Life!! and this blog has always been to understand emotions, rather than defining a particular consequence, be it love, be it anything.
Realize this that sustaining the beauty sometimes is more important than understanding its reason. Indeed men are good at creating artificial products inspired by nature. Ask yourself if the beauty has the same meaning. So instead of seeking the divine knowledge of love, my advice has always been to live the emotions, with proper control over it and on your mind. Remember even though we may not define it, but indeed we know some of the emotions it gives rise to;

"Have I not said that it is the most powerful feeling"

Always remember to attach the sense and detach the misconceptions.
Indeed love induces habit but it is not vice versa. Talking throughout day and night may give you an addiction, and love is no addiction, in the sense you talk to the person because you love. Is it so hard to understand ;). It is the wine of life that tastes good and you receive it as a gift! Addiction then drives you down to the level where then you can do anything.

Friends, life is short and has thousands of bewitching glimpses to offer that can make it worth. Love is not your entire life but a part of your life! Whenever the strings of your emotions are played be it in rejection, insult, love, happiness, you get a new lesson. Learn from it and then move on. Do not stick on to it!
The more you swim across its depth to explore its reason and future, the more you will lose the oxygen of practicality. Swing it around and put this on love and you will know what I meant.
Remember those who fail to adapt, perishes!

The blogger is Ankit Kumar,
  the Author of The Book On A Drive With Life!!

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