On A Drive With Life!!

On A Drive With Life!!
On A Drive With Life!!

Thursday, 1 May 2014



Now that's the topic I have chosen. My comrades
lend your ears and the coming years of your
lives to this word and perhaps it will change things forever.

All the topics I have discussed so far have somehow
transformed every negatively perceived words
into a positive discernment. But again one thing
was common. Each of them eventually found their
ultimate goal in M O T I V A T I O N.

Motivation is basically an impetus that drives
your desires into action. Now the motivation
can be anything, be it success, hunger, thirst
and the list can go on. But we the drivers
of our own lives will do something different.
We will dig further and get a better understanding
of this enamoring words: Motivation.

Some say you're not motivated towards your studies!
Some say you're not motivated towards your work!
Some say you're not motivated towards your thoughts!

AHEM AHEM! Blow up the clouds, clear off the smoke,
tie up your shoes and hit them hard! The above are mere
comments to change your way of thinking, so that you
find motivation in the purpose as specified above.
Well ask yourselves isn't that an artificial motivation
in which we engross ourselves completely, forgetting
that it was not exactly what you had ever wanted.


Motivation is an energy that comes out of your desires
to achieve something.

Emphasize on the words.
Now where in the damn hell that energy comes from! Now that's
a big question. If you will read all my other blogs you will realize
that passion has a role, frustration has its role, Love has a role,
and to your shock, even ego plays a role. Now I won't keep diversifying,
rather I will integrate them into one. It is very simple and I hope
you will absorb essence of it for life.

The very thought that gives you that energy, the intensity, the positive
emotion or the reward value of the goal, only that thought can keep
you motivated. Remember, studies, work or even your lives will go astray
until you find that "Thought" that will change you forever.
And only then you will really know the real meaning of being motivated.

My friends you have got just one life, use it wisely, spend it nicely.
Dedicate even 15 minutes daily away from phones, internet and everything.
Close your eyes and just keep introspecting. Believe me you'll start seeing
the change. Your eyes will evince a new motivation which will then determine
your actions and shape your future!

The same I have tried to convey through my upcoming book On A Drive With Life(Click Here)

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 The Two important days in your lives are the day when you are born and the day when you find out why!

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