On A Drive With Life!!

On A Drive With Life!!
On A Drive With Life!!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

EGO !!

EGO !!

Hello my dear comrades...

Hope we have gone far more mature via these blogs.
Hehe...Just wanted to shower some praises at myself :P.

As an addict and as much of a wanderer I am, I have again
chosen a topic that is both controversial and generally
used as a negative term. Indeed I have heard people using
the term "Egoistic" as a derogatory term.

But we as the drivers of our own lives have chosen to put forth
a different perspective all the time. So let's have a got at it,
all again ;)

Just read the below C A R E F U L L Y!
"Having anything is good thing, If you know how to use it"

Else it is a waste; Be it a car, a mobile, a lappy, anger, love, desires,
efforts and of course ego!

BONZAIII! Now you hit the point. Or rather I got carried away too early.
Allow me to elaborate even further...
Everything has a darker side that includes everything we can see, feel or
perceive. And so does ego. It is that most of us can't control it and thus
contain it at the darker side. Hence, it is usually generalized as something

The one they refer can be rather labelled as “negative ego.”
It is our general reaction based on perception and judgments,
usually irrational, that creates a sense of separation between ourselves and others,
that labels people and things as “better than” or “worse than.”

In simpler terms, when we begin to delimit ourselves with concepts,
thoughts, rivalry etc, it hurts a part of us that makes it painful
to survive even a minor blow in life. Hence, we cling to the shield of
this negative ego to boost our morale and belittle others to survive
just another day.

Well last I slackened my torso and introspected, I am still not the "Buddha"
and hence this part of me comes into play at times.

Negative ego is just a part of our thought process gone wrong and
has started to window out through our actions in real life. But the moment
we learn to control it, like any other thing, it becomes an ally.

Ego in more precise terms is the mirror of our inner self, that what
exactly is going inside us. The moment we stop it from shrouding our
thought process and start observing how it can affect our words
and actions. We then become the master of our own response.

This controlled ego can then become a driving force in our lives
which can then motivate us further and instill the passion to fuel
that impetus. Start focusing on facts and what you exactly want
and then use that ego to go over anything and anyone.

Consider your ego as a rogue, untrained, immature and scared child.
Treat it with love and compassion.

I won't go more descriptive. We are mature enough to understand.
Your ego should be rather "I can do it or I will reach the point
of success via my abilities". It should never be used to belittle
others in order to console your inner self.

The same I have tried to convey through my upcoming book On A Drive With Life(Click Here)

--------> Time FoR A PuNcH LiNe<-------

The Ultimate aim of ego is not to see something...
But to Be something.....

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